TacLight T1100 Review

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taclight t1100TacLight T1100 Tactical Flashlight is top of the line. It has offered the Military and Security Forces superior advantage with its cutting edge design. The Tac Light T1100  is the brightest LED flashlight on the market. At 800 lumens it can make even the darkest night seem like daytime. This is important if you need to shine some light in a sticky situation. From outdoor enthusiasts to officers of the law, TacLight T1100 goes all beyond expectations and literally outshines the competition. Having the Tac Light T1100  Torch on hand when you are in met with an emergency situation can be the “#1 flashlight to save your life… literally” as one Navy Seal stated.

For those who are traveling or working in the field, you end up carrying a lot of equipment. This makes the necessity of having high quality tools that are strong, lightweight and compact all the more important. TacLight T1100 Military Grade Tactical Flashlight has pulled out all the stops and spared no expense in attempting to develop the most durable, reliable and brightest available. The Tac Light T1100  Flashlight delivers and offers you the brightest LED light at a phenomenal price. If you are a first time purchaser and would like to apply the 75% discount to your TacLight T1100 Tactical Flashlight, click the order button below.

TacLight T1100 Is Military Grade

So, what makes this the best product out there? The TacLight T1100 Tactical Flashlight is developed with superior quality and craft. Tac Light T1100  is constructed with Aircraft Grade Aluminum housing making it ultra-light and offering incredible durability. It is so strong and expertly designed that field tests show it withstanding the crushing force a truck running over it while the Tac Light T1100  laid upon rigid asphalt. This is a true testament to its strength.

TacLight T1100 Features Include:

  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum Housing
  • Super Bright 1100 Lumen LED Light
  • Zoom Capabilities From 1x To 2000x
  • Low, Medium And High Settings
  • Strobe Effects And S.O.S. Function
  • 3 AAA Battery & 100,000 Hour Lifespan
  • Self-Defense Design: Strong Beveled Edge

The Versatility Of The TacLight T1100 Is Unmatched!

TacLight T1100 Tactical Flashlight stands out due to the wide range of function it offers. The telescopic adjustment gives an incredible range of zoom capabilities (1x to 2000x). Focus on one smaller area or expand the spectrum to light up the night! In addition, Tac Light T1100  flashlight provides 5 different modes of illumination. It comes with standard adjustments like low, medium and high luminosity. In addition, Tac Light T1100  Torch offers a strobe effect as well as an S.O.S. function for emergency situations being visible for miles!

The TacLight T1100 Flashlight doesn’t stop at illumination. This is a Military Grade Tactical Flashlight. That is why the design includes a beveled edge for close-quarter self-defense. Find yourself in strike range of a perpetrator? Bash them with the beveled edge for a painful blow that can provide you a quick advantaged over your opponent. The incredible brightness and strobe effect offers a disorienting and blinding option that can temporarily disable your target while you take advantage of their hesitation. The lens life is an incredible 100,000 hours ensuring you are not left in the dark. It also uses 3 AAA batteries which reduce powering cost, weight and allow Tac Light T1100  Flashlight to be compact.

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